Tafita orphanage

(Antananarivo des. 2016)

One member of Blueways worked as a volonteer at Tafita orphanage in Antananarivo desember 2016. She taught the children about the norwegian culture and about the life in Norway. The children also got to learn some norwegian games and songs. At the end for her stay she handed out some donated clothes and toys for the children, which they really appreciated.

Water pump - Inspection

(Tsironomandidy nov. 2016)

Blueways toghether with local authorities, inspected one of the possible area where the water pumps could be installed.


(Tsironomandidy nov. 2016)

Blueways would like to thank everyone who participated in purchasing sanitary paper and donating during the campaign in september 2016. With the donations and proceeds, we were able to provide the children at Marolaona elementary school with new school benches.

Water pump - Prototype

(Bergen okt. 2016)

We have developed and tested the prototype of the water driven pump in week 40. The test result showed that the pump could pump 18 liter of water per minute, (26.000liter/day), until 80 meters in altitude. The next step is to put the pumps in production. We're going to produce 3 identical pumps in Madagascar. The pumps are then going to be installed in a pilot village.

Communal work - Sanitary paper sale

(Bergen sep. 2016)

We did a sanitary paper sale in week 37. The proceeds will be donated to provide school benches for an elementary school in Madagascar. We would like to thank the all volunteers who did a great job.

Communal work - Bottle recycling

(Bergen aug. 2016)

Members of Blueways worked on recycling plastic bottles in week 32. It was a successful communal work.Thank to the volunteers for their good efforts and their big engagement.

Communal work - Kindergarten cleaning

(Bergen jul. 2016)

Blueways did a communal work in cleaning a kindergarten in Bergen on 22. july - 24. july 2016.The proceeds will be donated to prepare for the school start for an elementary school in Madagascar.